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(Dairy-Free) Cashew Cheese

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Try our creamy cashew yogurts! Flavoured with real fruit, maple syrup, and pure vanilla!

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This is absolutely superb! Where can I get this in Calgary?

Jann Arden (yes, that one) - Calgary, AB

This is unreal. I am absolutely amazed! It tastes better than dairy-yogurt and cheese! Oh my god. So delicious!

Elise Escarvage - Vancouver, BC

This is literally my favourite cheese. I was having withdrawals!!

Summer Ibrahim. - Vancouver, BC

We drove all the way from Deep Cove. It's that good.

- J. Howcroft - North Vancouver, BC

Hands down my favourite non-cheese, cheese.

Gail Simpson - Whiterock, BC

How do you make cashews and carrots taste like that? OMG that's good!

Ras Rascher - Vancouver, BC

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