Who We Are

Living Tree Foods

Why are we called Living Tree Foods? Both our founders studied law, and there is a legal concept called the 'living tree doctrine'. This, in essence, suggests that we should adapt to a changing society and world. With more and more evidence coming out all the time about the health benefits of a plant-based diet, and the increasing concern for animals' interests and rights, we think there is no better way to embody this principle than to work plant-based foods into our diet.

We have made it our mission to knock down barriers to eating a plant-based diet by making accessible vegan versions of traditional products that are tastier than their animal-derived counterparts, using real food only.


Emily Wilson - Founder

Emily co-founded Living Tree Foods (LTF) in Vancouver, BC, in May of 2020 while attending law school, and is the mad scientist behind all of our recipes. She started LTF as a way promote animal rights, sustainability, and her love of food - all at the same time. 











Silvia Desoi Ros - Kitchen Manager

After earning a law degree from the University of Barcelona, Silvia worked for the United Nations in Chile for 5 years before finding a home in Vancouver. Silvia is equal parts caring, hard working and intelligent - and is an invaluable member  of the LTF team.









Luna - Branch Manager

Luna is an energetic self-starter who always focuses on the positives. Never one to turn down a snuggle, she likes to keep a close eye on all her humans (outside of the kitchen, of course). Watch out world - she's going places.