garlic chive dairy-free non-dairy plant-based vegan cultured cashew cream cheese vancouver
Garlic & Chive Alive Cream Cheese
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Garlic & Chive Alive Cream Cheese

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A fan favourite! Our smooth and tangy cashew base infused with fresh chives and hand-pressed garlic.

Dairy-free, vegan, & cultured (made from cashews!)

Available in a 170g glass jar or by the kilogram.

Keep refrigerated for 11 weeks or freeze up to 6 months.

Ingredients: Cashews, Filtered Water, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Chives, Nutritional Yeast, Himalayan Pink Salt, Probiotics Ingrédients: Noix de cajou, Eau filtrée, Ail, Ciboulette, Levure alimentaire, Sel, Probiotiques Contains: Tree Nuts Contient: Noix May Contain: Soy, Eggs, Milk, Wheat Peut Contenir: Soja, Oeufs, Lait, Blé

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Must have vegan cream cheese!

I am a cream cheese lover and recently dairy free. I have been trying some dairy free cream cheese alternatives, finding no real winners, and recently stumbled upon this while ordering groceries through bcause. I am in love. So delicious and ingredients I feel great about eating! I highly recommend it.

My favourite flavour

I love the Garlic & Chive by itself on crackers or on a bagel with their Carrot Smoked Salmon on top. One of the best vegan cream cheeses I’ve tried. Amazing.

Donna M
Great taste, great texture - simply delicious

When I became a vegan the one thing I thought I would miss was cheese. I don't miss it one bit - there are so many delicious (and much healthier) products available. Thanks LivingTree for making fabulous dairy free cream cheese.

BarbaraAnne Mueller
Cream Cheese

This is the best cream cheese I have ever had. Typically, I don’t like cream cheese, and I am hooked on this product. I have run out, and had to use sour cream on my baked potato. It doesn’t taste nearly as good as having the cream cheese on my potato.

aryana motahari
Amazing Vegan Cream Cheese

I LOOVE this cream cheese. it has amazing ingredients and it tastes great. Just as a warning it has a really strong garlic taste but if you're a garlic lover like me you'll love it even more!